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Found 17 offices in 6 business centers

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  • Total area - 9 200 м2
  • Floors - 8
  • m. Vasileostrovskaya ~ 20 min.
  • m. Primorskaya ~ 22 min.
№ 101
533 m2
1 floor
Отдельный вход
  • Total area - 13 631 м2
  • Floors - 7
  • m. Vasileostrovskaya ~ 8 min.
  • m. Sportivnaya Subway ~ 15 min.
№ 2 этаж
1 854 m2
2 floor
2 floor
№ 201
680 m2
2 floor
Оpen space
№ 202-212
678 m2
2 floor
№ 213-218
453 m2
2 floor
№ 300
96 m2
3 floor
  • Total area - 24 794 м2
  • Floors - 10
  • m. Vasileostrovskaya ~ 16 min.
  • m. Sportivnaya Subway ~ 30 min.
№ 4 этаж
1 780 m2
4 floor
  • Total area - 4 359 м2
  • Floors - 6
  • m. Vasileostrovskaya ~ 20 min.
  • m. Primorskaya ~ 22 min.
4 floor
Оpen space
3 floor
Оpen space
6 floor
Оpen space
  • Total area - 4 646 м2
  • Floors - 5
  • m. Vasileostrovskaya ~ 14 min.
№ Б201-208
438 m2
2 floor
№ Б101
311 m2
1 floor
Оpen space
Released from 28.10.2021

You can rent several offices in one block

№ Б201-208 + 300
1 271.6 m2
2-3 floor
Оpen space
№ Б300
844.8 m2
3 floor
Оpen space
№ Б102-108
422.7 m2
1 floor
Оpen space
  • Total area - 10 207 м2
  • Floors - 6
  • m. Vasileostrovskaya ~ 12 min.
  • m. Sportivnaya Subway ~ 27 min.
№ B108
302 m2
1 floor
Отдельный вход
Released from 28.10.2021
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Rent of offices in Saint-Petersburg

Northern Capital is not only large, but also a promising metropolis for business development. In the system of commercial activity in St. Petersburg, all key types of business are developed: wholesale and retail trade, real estate transactions, tourism, services and much more. Therefore, office space rent is relevant in any season.    

In the cultural capital there is a rich choice of offers for potential tenants. You can rent an office almost in any area of St. Petersburg 

  • location of the building;    
  • class of the office building;
  • availability of necessary infrastructure nearby;
  • equipment of rented offices in St. Petersburg;
  • the cost.

As a rule, renting offices in St. Petersburg is more profitable if you rent the space directly from the owner of the office building. It is important to specify the cost of rent in St. Petersburg, duties, rights of parties, terms of the contract.

The network of St. Petersburg office buildings "Senator" - the objects located in the historical part of the city. Our buildings with modern renovation are equipped with everything necessary for the comfort of employees and visitors, effective business management.

Renting an office space in St. Petersburg in our company will be an excellent choice for those who appreciate the convenience, prestige, good location. It is possible to rent office spaces in the office buildings of the network in areas where business activity is concentrated: Central, Petrogradskiy, Vasileostrovsky. We offer you office spaces with professional management, parking, guarded territory, 24-hour reception. The catalog includes both small offices and floors in open-space or corridor-office format.

The cost of renting an office in St. Petersburg

Every year in St. Petersburg, the number of office space buildings and other facilities in which square meters are rented is growing. Modern commercial property is attractive for tenants by the opportunity to choose spacious rooms with a convenient layout, quality communications, and new furniture.

The cost of renting a non-residential premises in a metropolis depends on several factors. Determining factors will be the location of the building, the class of the object, the operating conditions, the characteristics of the offices, the availability of parking, etc. The criterion for the price of non-residential premises will be the duration of the lease, i.e. for how long the contract was entered into. Also, the cost of the rented premises is traditionally lower if the lease agreement was formalized directly with the owner of the business center, and not through an intermediary.

The most popular and in demand are the office spaces located in the Central and Petrogradskiy districts. The Vasilievsky Island is actively built up, where you can also pick up commercial real estate with an adequate rental price in St. Petersburg. Due to the richness of the choice, the firm from any field of activity will be able to find an office with certain characteristics. In this case, you can focus on the presentability of the building, its proximity to the subway or attractions or other benefits.

Rental prices in St. Petersburg

When determining the cost of renting a premise it is important to take into account not only the address where the building is located, but also its proximity to public transport stops, metro, cafe. Also will be important the availability of the management company, the protection of the office spaces, the quality of repairs. Finally, for one company, the first advantage will be the possibility of selecting rooms with an office layout, and for another company - open space areas or even a whole floor. These options will vary the cost of rent in St. Petersburg. Prices for rental of premises in St. Petersburg are formed, not least because of the availability of additional services for clients: conference halls, cleaning of offices, delivery of correspondence, etc.

In St. Petersburg the owners also establish the rental price by the status of the object. For example, the price of real estate in a building that has the status of a monument of architecture will be higher than the cost of renting premises in St. Petersburg in ordinary office space buildings.

The rental price in St. Petersburg will please you, if you use the offers of "Senator" office buildings. Our network offers favorable conditions for renting office spaces in the business center of the city. The cost of renting premises depends on the chosen building, the occupied area and other nuances. For non-residential premises, prices can be discussed with long-term leases, as well as with regular customers. To pick up office spaces in a certain area, it is enough to contact the managers of the "Senator". In our catalog you can find not only budget premises, but also representative, with spectacular view, furnished, with a separate entrance or on the first floor office spaces. A wide selection of spaces is provided in St. Petersburg with an attractive rental price. A preliminary agreement can also be signed with respect to the spaces in the Senator office buildings that are still under construction. You can apply for the selection of offices online.

Advantages of renting an office in the "Senator" office buildings

Renting an office in office building is an important step towards building a successful business. The premises should not only be comfortable and beautiful, but also equipped with the latest technology. The network of the "Senator" office buildings offers its customers exactly such options! Thanks to the innovative approach to the creation of modern business centers in the most beautiful buildings of St. Petersburg, the premises have:

  • high-tech equipment;
  • comfortable arrangement;
  • original view;
  • quality repair.

The company "Senator" has been working in the commercial real estate market of St. Petersburg since 2003. During this time, it managed to acquire permanent customers, for whom renting an office space in the "Senator" office buildings is an obvious choice. Why does the outcome of the whole enterprise depend on it? Because the comfort created for employees, gives them the incentive to strive for excellence, and high-class design provides customers with a pleasant impression and the desire to return again and again.

Renting an office space in "Senator" office buildings is a unique opportunity:

  • in the shortest possible time to enter into a contract;
  • organize the management of the company in a beautiful and comfortable place;
  • not to worry about the proper functioning of the technical equipment of the premises, and entrust this to real professionals;
  • use warm parking;
  • to let staff to get there very quickly from the subway to the place of work;
  • daily enjoy the quality of the work of a competent administrator.

Many owners of companies think that renting a space in an office building in St. Petersburg is a complicated and expensive business. In fact, there will be no difficulties if your partner is the "Senator" managing company. Cooperation with it is valued by the owners of many network corporations, because it differs by:

  • punctuality;
  • competent approach;
  • friendly attitude;
  • prompt resolution of emerging issues;
  • flexible pricing policy.

The cost of rent depends on the location of the premises, but even in the business center of the northern capital you can find suitable options for everyone. If you are interested in renting an office in office building in St. Petersburg from a company with a good reputation and a huge selection of interesting options, the network of "Senator" office buildings is waiting for you!

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